Does it matter if I'm a Beginner?

It's always beneficial when you know what you are doing when you join Daventry Badminton but it isn't essential. Everyone needs to start somewhere!

We also highly recommend Roy Bullock who is an excellent coach and has guided many of the Daventry Badminton club members when they first picked up a raquet at 'No Strings', please ask for more details

I'm worried about Covid Safety

It's been a very strange year for all of us. At Daventry Badminton we are reducing the risk of Covid through both national policy and Badminton England Covid regulations. We have ensured that key safety procedures are in place following a comprehensive risk assessment undertaken before each session.

We appreciate if you could bring your own raquet, but we can provide them if required.

We all have our preferences! So if you would rather play with Nylon or Feathers just say and we'll accommodate your request. Just ask!

Generally we play with Nylon as they are a little more hard wearing and less likely to get completely battered during 5 minutes of a game!

Does it matter if I'm a professional?

Although we are a very inclusive Badminton club, this may not be the club for you, we understand the importance of being challenged and it can be demotivating playing against players that aren't at the same level as you. 

We welcome everyone to come along

Do you play with nylon or feather shuttlecocks?

Are all sessions at DSLV?

DSLV is where our main club play session is held on a Monday.

Daventry Leisure Centre is used for Tuesday, Thursday No String sessions and also for the Sunday junior sessions.

Do you offer a free trial session?

Yes, your first session is free. Just type in 'DB123' into the coupon box when you are checking out.

You can play either for the 1 hour or the 2 hour session on your first evening. Try the club out and see if you like the atmosphere.

After that you can either book in as 'Pay as you Play' or if you are a regular player, you can buy one of our competitively priced monthly subscriptions

What do I need to bring?

Ideally a racquet to get you started, but don't panic if you don't have one just drop us an email and we'll bring a spare.

Shuttlecocks are provided.

Please bring water, perhaps a towel and a second racquet for those who know they are likely to break their strings!

Although we have a dedicated slot for juniors, it's always nice for competitive teens to test out their skills with adults, so we do allow mixed groups. Juniors need to be 15 years and up.

Do adults and Juniors mix?